Ricardo serves as the Executive Director of ConEL, part of the Latin World Evangelical Alliance.  He labors on behalf of God’s dream of unity that is highly relational, collaborative, and missional. ConEL serves greater than 500,000 Latin churches with strategic next generation, transformational initiatives that encourage the local church in global mission.

Ricardo has had a varied experience as a leader throughout his lifetime. He served the persecuted church as Latin American Director of Open Doors with Brother Andrew for 23 years (1981-2004) in areas of war and conflict, primarily in Latin America, as well as globally. He has also served as the Latin World Director/Global Partnerships director for OneHope International (2005-2016). His focus was on recruiting, training and leading a next generation team to reach almost 200 million children and youth with the values and lifestyle of Jesus, through programs implemented primarily in schools in 21 countries, in a period of 10 years. He currently serves as Latin World Catalyst for Transform World (2010 to present) and served with 4/14 Movements (2010-2018). He has been instrumental in connecting the Latin World to the vision spiritual, social, and generational transformation in all the spheres of cultural influence.

Ricardo brings a wealth of experience as a pastor-teacher, administrator and servant leader.   He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Religion with a minor in International Relations and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from CESTE: International Business School Zaragoza, Spain. Ricardo is residing in Florida and married to his lifelong sweetheart, Fannie.