Transforming Poverty

(one-day workshop)

Description: An interactive session where we re-discover the DNA that breaks the cycle of generational poverty in impoverished communities. 

Target Audience: Leaders with a passion to break the cycle of generational poverty.

Facilitators: Richard Luna with the Transform World team

Schedule: (Wednesday, May 15 – 9 AM – 3 PM)

Session I 

Christian Worldview and Wholistic Ministry. Reconciling our worldview is the first step in breaking the cycle of generational poverty. A multidimensional challenge requires an interdisciplinary response. 

Wholistic Ministry. Matthew 28 and Matthew 25 walk together. When we encounter Jesus in the poor, we are both transformed. The last words of Jesus upon his ascension and His first words upon His return are embraced as one ministry. 

Session II

Sustainability vs dependence. We must generate resources, not redistribute poverty. Moving from outputs to outcomes. 

Session III

Community Transformation Centers. The local church can be the community transformation center. (cTc.)

Session IV.

Engaged Communities. We engage churches that engage their communities, resulting in the cycle of poverty being broken from the inside out. 

Cost: $50