GameLife and Children’s CHE for New Life in Christ and Healthier Lives for Children and Families

(one-day workshop)

Description: Attend this fun and interactive pre-conference to see how experiential games can help children discover truths of the Bible, and then apply these truths to their own lives. Learn how Children’s CHE (or Community Health Evangelism with Children) leads to new life in Christ and healthier lives for children and their families. Discover the impact of GameLife 1-2-3 and Children’s CHE in transforming the lives of children, families, and communities. In this wholestic training you will experience ‘get up and move’ games and children’s Bible discovery. Learn how the Lord is working through GameLife 1-2-3 and Children’s CHE to transform communities, make disciples, and plant new churches. Explore how these strategies can enhance and strengthen your ministry with children.

Target audience: Individuals with a heart to work with children, youth, and families, and those passionate about transforming communities.  This includes church planters, parents, teenagers, and leaders eager to discover the powerful ways God can work in and through children’s ministry to catalyze a community and plant new churches. (Church planters: Adding a dynamic children’s ministry will skyrocket the sustainability of your new church plants). 

Schedule: Wednesday, May 15 (9AM – 3PM)

Cost: $50