IWMC Roundtable Breakout Groups

IWMC Roundtables are designed to give you the opportunity to discuss cutting edge ideas and explore opportunities for collaboration with others that share your ministry focus. Here is how it works. (1) You register for the conference and choose which Roundtable Breakout Group you want to be part of. (2) During the four breakout sessions you hear from leaders in the field, build relationships and exchange ideas.  (3) You collaborate with newfound partners and take away ideas to strengthen and expand your work.

Leader’s Circle

Facilitated By: Keith and Maureen Holloway

Leading a transforming journey to a more transformational ministry

World Congress

Facilitated By: Hal Jones

Christ followers confronting global challenges.

Urban Advance

Facilitated By: Garold Elston and Stan Rowland


Connecting people, creating community, and transforming neighborhoods

Rural Roundtables

Facilitated By: Terry Dalyrmple and Dayo Obayewa


Answering the cry of the poor in a Million Villages.

Hispanic Forums

Facilitated By: Dr. Hugo Gomez and Ricardo Luna


Uniting the church to transform culture.

Next Gen Get Together

Facilitated By: Jason Paltzer

Creating opportunities for Next Gen leadership.