IWMC Worship

This year’s IWMC will feature Tim and Ness as our worship leaders.  Below we’ve provided for you some brief information in regards to Tim and Ness.  Please visit their website for additional information and to listen to some of their worship selections.


Tim and Vanessa Dalrymple (Tim and Ness) are an Oregon based husband/wife, singer-songwriter duo. An English major with a strong literary background, Vanessa found her love at a young age for expressing story through imagery and song. In 2009, she met Tim, a multi-instrumentalist and producer, while working on a studio project in the central farmlands of California. Since then they have produced a steady stream of their own independent projects, and a steady stream of beautiful children as well. Over their 15 years of ministry, they have pastored in the local church, worked and recorded with Vertical Worship, and have written and contributed to a global network of worship leaders and songwriters in A Jesus Church Music. They desire to see an awakening in their land, and a fresh movement of the Spirit of God in his Church. They live in Bend, Oregon as psalmists and sojourners, enjoying Central Oregon’s eclectic mix of wilderness and culture, and regularly leading worship at churches, retreats, and conferences.


Web: wearetimandness.com
Instagram: @wearetimandness
Facebook: Tim and Ness